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Marge: Hello Marge, how's the family?
I don't wanna talk about it, mind your own business!


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adventure time, adventure!, age of apocalypse, american dad, amigurumi, animals, anno dracula, art nouveau, avengers, b-52's, baron munchausen, biology, black bolt, brian eno, buzzcocks, cartoon network, cartoons, chocolate, comics, crafts, decoupage, doctor who, equal rights for all, evolution, fables, family guy, fat cat philosophy, felt club, feminism, flapjack, folklore, french and saunders, futurama, gaming, good pair of jeans, grafitti, haggis, harvey birdman, hokusai, howl's moving castle, i can has cheezburger?, impressionism, inhumans, ipod touch, jennifer saunders, jon burgerman, jonathan strange, jonathan strange & mr. norrell, kim newman, kitty, lego, lolcats, mad libs, magneto, mappy, marvel, marvel comics, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, metaphysics, mike allred, milkshakes, monsters, mordecai and rigby, mr. norrell, neil gaiman, neo-expressionism, nickelodeon, nintendo, nintendo ds, nom nom, onology, painting, pastafarian, pete shelley, peter milligan, philosophy, picasso, playstation, plumtree, pokemon, pop culture, potatoes, poutine, printmaking, pro-animal rights, ps3, punk, qi, rape an ape, raven king, robot chicken, robots, science fiction, silk screening, sister, social justice, south park, steampunk, stencils, stephen colbert, street art, stripy jumpers, super powers, susanna clarke, talking heads, teleportation, the cat returns, the colbert report, the daily show, the dollyrots, the oblongs, the ramones, the regular show, the simpsons, tim burton, time and space, time travel, time trumpet, tom tom club, traveling, tss, ukiyo-e, video games, vladimir nabokov, watercolour paints, werewolves, whimsical shit!, wolverine & the x-men, x statix, x-men, x-men comics, xavier, xavier/magneto, zines
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